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The Lucca - Saddle Brown

The Lucca - Saddle Brown


The Lucca is a stunning addition to our collection of handbags. This petite bucket bag's compact size may be deceiving, however it is designed to effortlessly fit all of your essentials. Why Carry the world when you can go minimal? Perfect for travel, touring, daily walks. Fits a medium sized wallet, keys, lipstick, sunglasses and a passport. Handcrafted in Italy, this bag is a testament to the artistry and quality of Italian leather goods. In an array of neutrals and pops of color, there is a Lucca for your personal color palette. Carefully lined and meticulously stitched, The Lucca is a timeless piece that will last for years to come. 


H: 7.5"

L: 5."

W: 3.5" 



44" Shoulder Strap

Grosgain Lining 

Leather Detachable Cardholder

Leather Key leash 

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