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Serena Taupe

Serena Taupe


Adored by many, Serena is an incredibly comfortable ballerina. It is made of a superior Italian leather that is elastic and soft. The natural materials that make this shoe allow your feet to breathe and keeps them from perspiring. The shoe expands and contracts as you walk thanks to the elasticity of the leather it is made of. And the cushioned insole and natural rubber outsole make every step a soft and flexible one. We love this flat and think you will too if you are looking for the perfect flat.

Italian leather upper

Italian patent leather toe cap

Natural rubber sole

German rubber insole



All of our leathers are pre treated and do not stain or absorb. They are treated to repel. So you can get the suede wet or dirty, just let it dry and brush off. It will not get marked by salt or dirt.

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